Our Team 

Joel Florian

Cinematographer | Director

Texas native, Full Sail grad.

Joel picked up a camera in 2018 as if it was a divine calling. His cinematic technique, attention to detail, and hate for the standard has catapulted him to expert level 100.

Skillset: Final Cut Pro X - directing, lighting, sound design, editing, project planning.

Vic Martinez

Videographer | Podcast Curator

Disney raised, attention hacker.

Vic worked at Disney from age 16 to 26 and learned how to curate an experience. Spending years in the music business taught him how to hack attention.

Skillset: Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, After Effects - podcasts, animation, sound design, online tools.

Rob Franceschini

Illustrator | Vector Master

Hoboken bred from a family of talent.

Robert began putting pen to his vision at age 6. Picked up an iPad Pro in 2017 and has out created Walt Disney animators.

Skillset: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate - vectors, graphic design, merch, flyers, portraits.

Lorenzo Flores

Podcast Expert | Content Strategist

Business strategist,  applying the mix-tape hustle.

Lorenzo has over 20 years of leadership experience and enjoys the challenge of growing profits through effective execution of unique strategies. Being a vinyl DJ and music producer, he learned how to turn dreams and visions into output and income.

Skillset: Podcast Hardware and Software, Music Production, Audio Editing and Mastering, Business Strategy, Leadership Theory, Content Marketing.

Mike Hamilton

Copywriter | Podcast Curator

Renaissance man reimagined.

Mike's love affair with the written word began in his father's comic book library and was nurtured in Ann Arbor classrooms. Particularly fond of Swift & Twain's sarcasm, Kerouac's imagery, and sharp tongued debate, modern sales copy came natural. A multi-instrumentalist, well-versed in Ableton, Mike also writes & produces film scores, electronic dance music, & progressive rock.

Skillset: Wordplay, sound design, budget forecasting, meticulous detail